Why choose a maternity shirt for Thanksgiving?

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It’s a time of year where families come together to celebrate with each other and the things they are thankful for. For new moms, this can be an especially happy time as they get to share their news of expecting a baby with family and friends who will now have a chance to see them in their future parent role.

As you may know, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it is one of those holidays that brings people closer together than ever before. So why not celebrate by announcing your pregnancy too? There’s no better way than with a maternity shirt! This article will cover:

-What ideas do you need to know about before designing your custom pregnancy shirt

-The best practices for printing and caring for your Thanksgiving maternity shirt

-Ideas on how to make this a fun time with family and friends

And most importantly, why choosing a Thanksgiving pregnancy shirt is a perfect idea.

1. What ideas do you need to know about before designing your custom pregnancy shirt

There are a few different ways to go about designing your custom maternity shirt online. You can either use our Photoshop Template or upload your own creative file. The first step is deciding if you want to put text on the front of the shirt, the back of the shirt, or both! Here are some ideas for each placement:

-Text on Front: “Pregnant Mommy”, “Mama To Be”, “Baby On Board!”, etc.

-Text on back: A cute saying, a funny quote, your baby’s name, and due date, your baby’s ultrasound photo, or 3D render!

– Text on front AND back: A DIY maternity shirt – plan your own saying and upload it!

There are so many options for you to customize your pregnancy shirt online. Once you have figured out what text you want, the next step is deciding how you want your font to look! We have a variety of fonts available for DIY t-shirts. There are also different sizes of each font that you can choose from. Keep in mind that the font is going to be a lot smaller on a shirt than on a computer screen. A great way to plan out how your text will look on your shirt is to use our online previewer! You can upload an image, pick a color for your shirt and then type in some text to see what it will look like before it’s printed.

2. The best practices for printing and caring for your Thanksgiving maternity shirt

Wish your Thanksgiving maternity shirt before wearing it. It will be larger than you expect and having a few wrinkles can help hide the bump as well as give you some breathing room. Use hot water only, no softeners, and tumble dry on low. **If you look closely at the “stitches” they can actually slightly discolor the fabric in areas where it lays. This is normal and will vary depending on your shirt style**

Even though you bought a pre-pregnancy size, the Thanksgiving maternity shirt probably won’t fit until well into your second trimester when your expanding belly no longer goes unnoticed. Plus side? You can wear it for all of the holiday dinners leading up to that day!

A helpful trick while trying on different Thanksgiving maternity shirt styles is to wear the bra that you plan on wearing while pregnant. This will ensure that all of your shirts fit well regardless of style options, and it’s an easy way to see what looks best. We recommend not embellishing with accessories including scarves or jewelry while pregnant since they can get in the way of our growing belly.

The best t-shirt for Thanksgiving

This isn’t a maternity shirt if it doesn’t make you look like the best version of yourself, even while expecting! If you see your favorite Thanksgiving maternity shirt and still think it needs some work, bring it to your local tailor to ensure that it fits perfectly before wearing it for the holiday.

You will be getting an awful lot of compliments on your Thanksgiving maternity shirt, so make sure you feel worthy of them! Use the first trimester as an opportunity to set some healthy personal goals for yourself; aim to exercise 3-5 times per week, smile often, and make time for self-care (take bubble baths, go out to lunch with a friend, go on a date night…) and before you know it your Thanksgiving maternity shirt will fit perfectly!

3. Ideas on how to make this a fun time with family and friends

Just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean you have to be the one bringing everyone down with your “gloomy” pregnancy symptoms. This is a time to connect, create memories and take advantage of every moment possible. So if you want to go out for dinner or shopping that should be part of what makes this Thanksgiving special; but if you decide that staying in bed all day is best for your baby, then let people know beforehand. Make sure everyone knows what your priorities are and be clear about the days you want to spend with them.

Self-care is important where ever it fits into your schedule; carve time out of every day for yourself if necessary (even 5 minutes to watch a funny video on YouTube will help.) Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup”? Your body and mind (and baby!) need time to be nurtured if it wants to make it through your busiest days. If self-care isn’t part of your routine yet, now is the time to start!

4. Why choosing a Thanksgiving pregnancy shirt is a perfect idea

Thanksgiving pregnancy shirt is a perfect gift for expecting parents as it is not only sweet but also affordable. And what could be better than receiving something cute and being economical at the same time? The shirts come in different sizes, colors, styles, and shapes so no matter what you are looking for – there will definitely be one that fits your needs.

5. Why it is an ideal idea to buy Thanksgiving pregnancy shirt online

If you are looking for a unique, cute, and memorable gift that will be appreciated then buying or even making the Thanksgiving pregnancy shirt should definitely be on your list of choices. They are available in stores but they can also be ordered online which means you get everything you want. If you are thinking of buying the Thanksgiving pregnancy shirt online, then there are several things you should keep in mind.

– Availability of various styles and types: when you choose to shop online, it will be much easier to come across different designs, models sizes, etc which makes your decision-making process a lot faster. Nowadays, many companies are selling pregnancy announcements online which makes it easier to find the right style of the Thanksgiving pregnancy shirt.

– Affordable prices: while some people might think that shopping online means they have to pay more because of shipping, this is not always the case. Visit various stores and compare their costs before you make a final purchase or choose one store in particular. There are many different offers available so you will definitely find something that fits your needs.

– Convenience: ordering things online is convenient especially when you are in a hurry. Whether it is a Thanksgiving pregnancy shirt or anything else, you can easily buy them without leaving your house which saves you valuable time. And speaking about turkey day, it is almost here and the best way to avoid crowded stores is by shopping online.


It’s not always easy to choose a Thanksgiving pregnancy shirt that suits both you and your partner. But the best thing about maternity shirts is they are available in different colors, styles, sizes – so there will be something for everyone! And if shopping online isn’t exactly your thing but you still want quick delivery without leaving home? Our experts can help with everything from design to fulfillment of this unique gift or any other marketing need you have on your list. Trust us when we say it doesn’t get more convenient than our team of professional marketers who are ready to work with you every step of the way.

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