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The all-in-one tool for pregnant women. Have a relaxed, happy, healthy pregnancy & birth with our audio meditations, books, and other resources. Learn how to stay calm and how manage anxiety and fear.


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Healthy Pregnancy

Our beautiful recordings are not only relaxing, but the positive affirmations and breathing techniques keep you more focused during labor. Health. Wellbeing. Calm.


Hypno-birthing uses a few main techniques, such as visual imagery, breathing, and relaxation exercises. Release any anxiety & fear you may have. Feel sexy. Be informed. Focused. Positive

Due Date Calculator

Find an important piece of advice and information about your pregnancy with our due date calculator. Hypnosis. Mindfulness. Affirmations. Breathing. Exercises. Books.

Birth Made Easy

Using a contraction tracker app, you can learn how to track and time contractions.

Have a positive birth experience with our in-depth course & resources

Prepare today by using our hypnobirthing audios during your entire pregnancy, labor and birth. You don’t need to visit a hypnobirthing class anymore!

 Using hypnosis during birth will help you shorten the first stage of labor.

 With hypnosis, you can learn how to manage pain in a natural way.

 Learning these techniques will help you be in control during all stages of pregnancy. Being in control allows you to relieve stress and anxiety associated with birth.

 Having a calm and relaxed birth will definitely help you have a better postpartum experience and of course, you will be able to cope with the psychological consequences.

 The combination of meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques will help you manage pain efficiently.

 During pregnancy, there are lots of changes happening to your body. The earlier you start practicing these meditations, the better it will help you develop the mind and body connection. Relieve any anxiety related to birth and better yet, enjoy the birth of your child.

 Find useful information and guidance (to-do checklist) about each step of pregnancy with our due date calculator.

 Other benefits of using our course include having access to curated ebooks, articles, diets & exercises. And all this content is updated frequently just for you!


We want to hear your feedback on our course & app so we can deliver new updates which will fit all pregnant women. Don’t hesitate to contact us at: hello@happypregnant.mom

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